Hanzeatycki Toruń

A journey into the times of medieval trade. A cruise on a replica of an ancient wooden boat and a visit to the port and the merchant part of the city

We will take you back to the times of medieval trade. You will embark on a journey along the Vistula River aboard a replica of a medieval wooden boat. From the river`s perspective, you can behold Toruń as travelers in the 14th and 15th centuries once did. During the journey, you will be treated to snacks whose origins are linked to overseas trade. Then, we will enter the city like ancient merchants and sailors who arrived here for business- from the port side. Our guide will show you the port warehouses, granaries, and the rich townhouses of merchant families. Throughout the tour, you will observe the rich network of connections between the cities of Nothern Europe, among which Toruń played a significant role.

The start and the end of the tour – Philadelphia Boulevard (Bulwar Filadelfijski)

The service was created thanks to the co-financing of the City of Toruń.

Important information
1. The boats have open decks. It is cooler on the water than on land, the sun is stronger, and it may rain – please dress appropriately for the weather.
2. The helmsman can speak English, French, and Ukrainian – by prior arrangement
3. We can take passengers with mobility issues – please inform us in advance. We have a special ramp for safe boarding for wheelchair users and those with crutches.
4. You can bring calm pets, a stroller or a bicycle on board.
5. We accept payment by card and cash on the board.
6. It is essential to obey the captain`s orders while on board the boat
The place where the cruise begins

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